Introducing our Keynote Presenters

  • Lewis Carr

    Lewis Carr, UK

    Director of Education Technology, CEO and Founder of AdaptiVLE

    I like to push boundaries and explore new concepts to make learning fun, engaging and learner centered. The learning space has changed, it's time now to cut through the buzz words and actually deliver on these learning trends. AdaptiVLE was born out of frustration at seeing too few learners make significant progress through the use of technology. We want to help, support and guide organisations and make a difference in this learning space I work in an industry I love, where I get to educate, create and innovate.

  • Frederic Nevers

    Frederic Nevers, HK

    Educational Technology Project Developer at Independent Schools Foundation

    I have been bringing positive change to the IB international schools I have worked at for the past 10 years. More often that not Moodle has been part of the solution. As an edtech specialist, I have helped hundreds of teachers of all subjects and abilities integrate technology in their teaching. I love the challenges brought by change, how the non-quantifiable, the ‘dark forces’ and ‘law of unintended consequences’ can unsettle even the most well-planned projects. Change is a fun, if bumpy, ride!

  • Julian Ridden

    Julian Ridden, AU

    Open Education Evangelist at Instructure

    Julian is an avid technologist, and is passionate about open source, open education, open standards and methodologies to create more dynamic learning environments. An expert in engaging content design, he firmly believes in innovation and ensuring that technology is implemented in a way that supports teaching and learning while also making teachers’ lives easier. Julian works closely with academic staff at a large amount of educational institutions across Asia Pacific and the world, constantly helping them to get the most of their Learning Management System. Currently working at Instructure, creating great things within Canvas LMS and before that for nearly a decade as the MoodleMan, Julian has over 15 years’ experience in education (specifically in online eLearning), with a focus on how can we use these tools to truely engage, innovate and educate our students.

  • Lindy Klein

    Lindy Klein, AU

    eLearning Trainer and Consultant

    I'm an online learning specialist, and a passionate advocate for Open Source and Open Education. I've worked in various roles over the last decade developing, designing and assisting in online education at tertiary and vocational education. More recently I am a consultant with Pukunui Technology, where I share ideas with a range of clients (including Health, Corporate, Primary and Secondary Schools, Registered Training Organisations and Not for profit organisations) to develop innovative and engaging online courses. My areas of expertise include: Open Education (including Creative Commons), Moodle, Mahara, communicating effectively with online learners, and building relationships between learners and educators (online and blended learning).

  • Dana Watts

    Dana Watts, HK

    Director of Innovation for 21st Century Learning

    As the Director of Innovation for 21st Century Learning, Dana Specker Watts collaborates on all aspects of 21st Century Learning from online courses, workshops and conferences with a view to providing support for schools for sustainable change. Dana is currently a Technology Coach and soon to be Curriculum Leader at Hong Kong International School High School. Dana is also the author of, iPads for Learning. Dana currently spends her free time doing research on the implementation of professional development within the international school community and empowering teacher leaders.

  • Joseph Thibault

    Joseph Thibault, US

    Director of Academics at Straighter Line

    Joseph Thibault is the Director of Academics at StraighterLine, a rapidly growing alternative credit provider. He founded the highly informative MoodleNews in 2009. A dedicated Moodler himself, Joe started as a passion project to help organize the vast amount of information about the Moodle LMS platform. Joseph is also an inaugural member of the Moodle Association since January 2016.

  • Justin Hunt

    Justin Hunt, JP

    Big Dog at PoodLL

    Justin Hunt has been teaching, developing and playing with Moodle since 1.9 days. He is the author of several well known plugins including PoodLL, Generico and ReadAloud. In his free time he threatens to write books and run marathons but never does. He lives in Japan with his wife and three children.

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