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Miriam Laidlaw

Changing behaviour through learner experience design

Content Type: Online Teaching and Course Creation

Language: English

Description of Presentation

Presenters: Miriam Laidlaw, Miranda Verswijvelen

Using Cathy Moore's action mapping method, we create e-learning modules that are designed to directly affect change in learner behaviour, by focusing on activities and practicing real life scenarios. This can be especially difficult to achieve in an organisation of 10,000 medical professionals and associated administration staff.

However, you can make the most amazing online learning modules, but if the overall learner experience in the LMS lends itself to confusion and frustration, your learners may not even get as far as your module before giving up. We are in a continuous improvement cycle to streamline the learner experience by using everything that the Moodle toolbox has to offer.

Our overall aim is to change the behaviour of our learners through the modules we create, and in turn we must change and adapt our LMS, course and activity access to make it as painless and even as enjoyable as possible.

Added: Friday, 6 May 2016, 5:28 AM
Last Modified: Friday, 6 May 2016, 5:29 AM

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